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Vacuum Application Screws
Screws have gas ventilation holes for vacuum drawing of machines and have excellent corrosion resistance under vacuum environments.
Low Profile Screws Small Head Screws
Compact head screws. Suitable for reducing the size of applications.
High Performance S.S. Fasteners
High performance stainless steel screws have excellent strength, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance compared to standard stainless steel screws.
Titanium Screws
Screws made of titanium. They are lightweight, nonmagnetic, and chemically resistant.
Special Material Fasteners
Screws made of special materials such as Inconel, Molybdenum and Hastelloy to provide excellent heat, chemical, corrosion resistance.
Chemical Resistance Screws
Screws with special materials, surface treatments, and shapes for applications that require chemical resistance.
Screws with Special Surface Treatment
Screws with surface treatment for seizing prevention and reflection resistance.
Miniature Screws
Small-diameter screws lower than M2.6 size for precision instruments.
Captive Screws Full Thread Screws
Screws for falling-out preventation and screws with full thread.
Functional Screws
Screws for fixing and locating clamping screws and ball plungers.
Inch Screws
Screws for equipment and facilities that use inch-screw specifications.
Tamper Resistance Screws
Screws which cannot be installed or removed easily with standard tools to prevent theft and tampering.
Hexalobular Socket Head Screws
Screws with strength socket heads. For repeating installations and removals.
Plugs・Washers・Lock Nuts
Screw plugs for hydraulic and pneumatic machinery and equipment. Washers for loosening prevention.
Ball Rollers
Rollers can move heavy items with a small amount of force.
Plastic Screws
Various types of plastic screws made from materials such as VESPEL®, PEEK, and PTFE (Teflon).