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Flexible Couplings - Slit Type - Set Screw Type

  • Zero Backlash
  • Single-Piece Construction
  • Low Inertia

Dimension Drawing

MWSFlexible Couplings - Slit Type - Set Screw Type寸法図

*1: E=D2(D2<6)


*2: In a case where the bore diameter is φ 4 or less, the set screw is used in only one place.


Part Number ALWFM Screw Tightening
Torque (N・m)
Add to Cart
MWS-32-10-10 32 12.6 32 6 M4 1.7 39.13 CAD Cart

Part Number Max. Bore Diameter
Max. Rotational Frequency
Moment of
Max. Lateral Misalignment
Max. Angular
Max. Axial
(g) *2
MWS-32-10-10 16 4 19000 8.0×10-6 1100 - 1 ±0.2 50

*1: Correction of rated torque due to load fluctuation is not required. For more detailed information, please refer to Selection Guidelines.
*2: These are values with max. bore diameter.

Slip torque

As in the table below, the clamping types MWS-C and MWSS-C have different slip torque according to the bore diameter. Take care during selection.

Unit : N・m

Part Number Bore Diameter (mm)
4 4.5 5 6 8 10 12 14
MWS-25C 3 3.1 3.5
MWSS-12C 0.3 0.4 0.5
MWSS-20C 0.9 1.9
MWSS-25C 1.2 1.4 1.9 3.1
MWSS-32C 1.9 2.4 3.4 4.1

These are test values based on the conditions of shaft dimensional allowance: h7, hardness: 34-40 HRC, and screw tightening torque of the values described in MWS-CMWSS-C dimension tables. They are not guaranteed values.
Slip torque changes with usage conditions. Carry out tests under conditions similar to actual conditions in advance.


Set Screw TypeMWSMWSS

MWS Made of aluminum alloy
MWSS Made of all stainless steel

MWS/MWSS/MWS-C/MWSS-C_CFlexible Couplings - Slit Type

Clamping TypeMWS-CMWSS-C

MWS-CMade of aluminum alloy

MWS/MWSS/MWS-C/MWSS-C_CFlexible Couplings - Slit Type

MWSS-CMade of all stainless steel

MWS/MWSS/MWS-C/MWSS-C_CFlexible Couplings - Slit Type


Main Body A2017
Hex Socket Set Screw SCM435
Ferrosoferric Oxide Film (Black)
Hex Socket Head Cap Screw SCM435
Ferrosoferric Oxide Film (Black)


  • Recommended Applicable Motor
Stepping Motor
General-purpose Motor

◎: Excellent ○: Very good ●: Available

  • Property
Zero Backlash
High Torque
High Torsional Stiffness
Corrosion Resistance (All S.S.) -

◎: Excellent ○: Very good

  • This is a metal spring coupling with single-piece construction. A slit is inserted into a cylindrical material.
  • A plate spring formed by a slit allows angular misalignment, and end-play to be accepted.
  • There are two types of units made of aluminum alloy or all stainless steel.


Transport device / XY stage / Parts feeder


Selection Based on Shaft Diameter and Rated Torque

The area bounded by the shaft diameter and rated torque indicates the selection size.

MWS/MWSS/MWS-C/MWSS-C_CFlexible Couplings - Slit Type

MWS/MWSS/MWS-C/MWSS-C_CFlexible Couplings - Slit Type

Selection Example

In case of selected parameters of shaft diameter of φ 5 and load torque of 0.8 N•m, the selected size forMWSMWSSis MWS-20MWSS-20.

Thrust reaction force

MWS/MWSS/MWS-C/MWSS-C_TTechnical Information

MWS/MWSS/MWS-C/MWSS-C_TTechnical Information

Change in static torsional stiffness due to temperature

This is a value under the condition where the static torsional stiffness at 20°C is 100%. The change of MWS and MWSS in torsional stiffness due to temperature is small and the change in responsiveness is extremely small. If the unit is used under higher temperature, be careful about misalignment due to elongation or deflection of the shaft associated with thermal expansion.

MWS/MWSS/MWS-C/MWSS-C_TTechnical Information

MWS/MWSS/MWS-C/MWSS-C_TTechnical Information

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A slit-type coupling XWSS-C SUS316L material finished with clean washing and clean packaging, which is best suited to FPD and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, is available.

MWS/MWSS/MWS-C/MWSS-C_CFlexible Couplings - Slit Type

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