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Ball Rollers - Press Fit Type

Dimension Drawing

BRUPN-NBall Rollers - Press Fit Type寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number D D1 L L1 s Db d Withstand Load (N) Qty per Pack Mass
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BRUPN-10-N 10.1 17 10 10 3.5 10.32 3.5 11 1 4.1 10.86 CAD Cart


  • Press fit type ball rollers for upward applications.
  • Because the body section is inserted, BRUPS can reduce the height.
  • Recommended dimensional allowance of attachment hole is H7.
  • You can select from the following body and main ball combinations:stainless steel and polyacetal.
  • BRUPS has a small coefficient of friction and workpieces can be moved with less force.Ball Rollers : Characteristics
  • BRUPN-N has a drain hole and is intended for food production lines and other applications that require cleaning.


Main Body Polyacetal/White
Main Ball Polyacetal/White
Sub Ball SUS440C(Hardness 55HRC or Higher)


FPD production equipment, semiconductor devices, food production lines, and packaging lines

Precautions for Use

  • BRUPS is for upward applications only. If it is used for downward or sideward applications, the product may be damaged or the ball may malfunction.
  • BRUPN-N can be used in upward, downward, and sideward applications.

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