Clamp Levers

About Clamp Levers

Clamp levers are machine elements which allow efficient tightening and loosening of screws by turning the lever, without the use of tools.
Their best feature is the ability to work even without rotating the lever 360°: just pull up the lever to release the threaded serration engagement and set it free (the screw will not turn even if the lever is rotated).
Screws can be tightened in spaces with narrow ranges of movement, and lever positions can also be changed after tightening to keep them out of the way.
NBK offers variations on lever part length and angle, shape, and material, as well as thread part type, material and so on, with clamp levers offering ever more unique functions available as standard.

Selection Conditions
  • Select Thread SizeM20
Part Name Male Screw,Tension Lever Tension Lever, Female Screw
Part Number LTM-20 LTF-20
Feature High Tightening Force High Tightening Force
Shape Standard Long Standard Long
Type Male Screw Female Screw
Lever Part Material Steel Steel
Thread Part Material Steel Ferrosoferric Oxide Film (Black) Steel Ferrosoferric Oxide Film (Black)
Thread Size M20 M20
Surface - -
Specifications Specifications Specifications
List LTM-20-40 LTM-20-60 LTM-20-80 LTF-20