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Screw Adaptor - Long Threaded Type

Dimension Drawing

SAD-FTScrew Adaptor - Long Threaded Type寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number L M (Coarse)
Nominal of Thread
Pitch Mass
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SAD-M5-40-FT 40 M5 0.8 6.2 1.47 CAD Cart
SAD-M5-50-FT 50 M5 0.8 8.7 1.60 CAD Cart
SAD-M5-60-FT 60 M5 0.8 11.1 1.60 CAD Cart
SAD-M5-80-FT 80 M5 0.8 13.6 1.82 CAD Cart
SAD-M5-100-FT 100 M5 0.8 16 2.30 CAD Cart


SAD-FT Made of Steel
Thread Part SWRM6K
Trivalent Chromate Treatment


  • By combining with female screw products such as a lever and knob, this may be used as a long screw lever or knob.
  • For screw fixing, use a pin stopper or anaerobic adhesive agent.
  • If it is repeatedly tightened in combination with a lever or knob, a pin stopper is recommended.

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