In order to use our products safely, please read these "safety precautions", and "precautions" and "handling methods" on each product page, before use.

If handled incorrectly, death or serious injury may occur.

  • Make sure to switch off the power of machines before attaching and removing products. Hands and fingers may touch the machine and cause injury if it is operated suddenly.
  • Our products are manufactured for use with general purpose instruments and machines. When using these products with instruments and machines that require safety, use a prototype to confirm usability.
  • To prevent danger, check for looseness of screws and perform other maintenance on regular basis.
  • Do not disassemble or modify products.
  • Do not use if there are abnormalities such as cracks, chips, wear, or deformation.

If handled incorrectly, personal injury or physical damage may occur.

  • Do not use products in environments that may negatively affect them.
  • Take care when handling products. If products are dropped, they may become damaged or deformed. In addition, take care when performing work to avoid back pain when moving objects or dropping items on feet.
  • The edges of the product may cause injury during installation or removal. Wear safety gear such as safety glasses and gloves, etc., when working. (Excluding manual operations, such as operating levers or knobs.)
  • The mechanical properties, physical properties, chemical resistance, heat resistance temperature, and other data listed on the product pages in this catalog are reference values. These values may change due to performance conditions. Always carry out tests under performance conditions similar to actual conditions in advance.
  • To prevent a negative impact on the environment, have a professional disposal company dispose of these products.
  • Take care to avoid burns when handling products. Heat transferred from the surrounding machines may cause products to reach high temperatures immediately after operation stops.

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