Products conforming to SEMI Standard

About SEMI Standards

SEMI(Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International)is a self-regulatory industry standard widely used around the world in areas including semiconductors, FPD manufacturing, and solar power.
This standard recommends the use of handles conforming to the Supplier Ergonomic Success Criteria (SESC) standard, in order to create a safe, comfortable, and convenient working environment.

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Example: A Perfect Pull-Type Handle Power Grip

Examples of products conforming to SEMI S8-0712a

SEMI S8-0712a is a guideline concerning the ergonomics of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
NBK offers a broad lineup of products which conform to Section 6 of this standard (Handle Design).


Circular or triangular handles (SEMI S8-0712a, Appendix 1, Section 6.3)

Dimple Knobs

Ball-Type Handles (SEMI S8-0712a, Appendix 1, Section 6.4)

Plastic Ball Knobs

Rubber Ball Revolving Grips

Pull handles (SEMI S8-0712a, Appendix 1, Section 6.7)

U-shaped Pulls

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