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Hex Head Screws - PFA Coating for Head

  • Chemical-proof

Dimension Drawing

SNHS-HTFHex Head Screws - PFA Coating for Head

Unit : mm

Part Number M (Coarse)
Nominal of Thread
Pitch L L1 B Recommended Torque
SNHS-M4-16-HTF M4 0.7 16 2.8 7 1.1 2.2 6.11 CAD Cart

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Main Body SUSXM7
(Equivalent to SUS304)*1
PFA Coating (Head Only)

*1: The baking finish during coating changes the color of the screw thread.


FPD production equipment, semiconductor fabrication wet processes,
printed circuit board etching devices, metallic surface treatment
equipment and facilities, cleaning equipment, and chemical plants


  • Only the screw head is coated with PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy Alkane). This increases the chemical resistance of the screw head.
  • Chemical Resistance of PFA ⇒Chemical Resistance of Chemical Resistance Screws
  • To increase chemical resistance, the coating membrane is thickened (to approximately 50 μm). The screw thread is not coated, so thread precision is not affected.
  • Use with SWS-HTF Sealing Washer ( coating) to prevent chemical liquids from moving from the bearing surface to the thread. SWS-HTF

Precautions for Use

  • Friction during tightening may remove the coating. Take care not to tighten too much. Apply the recommendation torque or lower for tightening.
  • For tightening, use a socket wrench with a hexagonal socket.

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