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Hints for Correctly Using NBK Products

The video is an example using SLEC-A-EL(SLEC-A-EL). You can perform the same operation using this product.

Dimension Drawing

SLEC-B-ELClamping Screws(Guide type/Electroless nickel plating)寸法図



M (Coarse)
Nominal of Thread

Unit : mm

Part Number M (Coarse)
Nominal of Thread
Pitch D1 L1 L2 d L3 e Key Part No. Hexalobular Socket No. t Mass
SLEC-M3-B-EL M3 0.5 6.8 2.5 6 3.35-0.016~+0.008 4 0.4 SKX-10 10 1 0.82 5.56 CAD Cart
SLEC-M4-B-EL M4 0.7 7 3 7 4.5-0.016~+0.008 5 0.4 SKX-15 15 1.2 1.9 6.17 CAD Cart
SLEC-M5-B-EL M5 0.8 8.5 4 10 5.5-0.016~+0.008 6 0.4 SKX-20 20 1.5 3.3 5.83 CAD Cart
SLEC-M6-B-EL M6 1 10 4 12 6.5-0.020~+0.007 8 0.5 SKX-25 25 2 6 6.17 CAD Cart
SLEC-M8-B-EL M8 1.25 13 5 16 8.5-0.020~+0.007 9 0.8 SKX-30 30 2.5 14.3 7.31 CAD Cart

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Main Body SCM435
Electroless Nickel Plating
Strength Class 10.9


Fixing linear guideway rails / Fixing workpieces and jigs / Fine positional adjustment of heavy objects


  • When the screw is tightened, the workpiece is strongly clamped by the head, which is decentered from the shaft center of the screw. The wedge effect creates a large clamping force with low tightening torque.
  • The hexalobular*1 shape can withstand high tightening torque.
    ⇒Features of the Hexalobular Socket
  • Use a dedicated wrench SKX for mounting and removing.
  • Use the SKX-N hexalobular wrench for extremely limited access spaces for mounting and removing in tight spaces.
  • Suitable for fixing linear guideway rails. As the decentered head presses the linear guideway rail against the installation reference surface, precision can be easily achieved when mounting. Also, mounting accuracy is maintained by suppressing warping and misalignment caused by long-term use.
  • SLEC-B-EL is an electroless nickel plating type. For applications that require corrosion resistance.

*1: The hexalobular shape is prescribed by JIS B 1015: 2008(ISO 10664: 2005)"Hexalobular internal driving feature for bolts and screws".

  • Since the precision - processed guide receives the clamping load, durability during clamping is increased.

SLEC-B-ELClamping Screws(Guide type/Electroless nickel plating)

Usage Example

Fixing workpieces and jigs.

SLEC-B-ELClamping Screws(Guide type/Electroless nickel plating)

Mounting Method

SLEC-B-ELClamping Screws(Guide type/Electroless nickel plating)

Mounting Dimensions

Unit : mm

Part Number E M B H8 Adjustment Range
s max.
SLEC-M3-B-EL 3.10~+0.3 M3 3.35 -0.1/0.7 3.3
SLEC-M4-B-EL 3.150~+0.3 M4 4.5 -0.05/0.75 4.1
SLEC-M5-B-EL 3.90~+0.3 M5 5.5 -0.05/0.75 5.3
SLEC-M6-B-EL 4.650~+0.3 M6 6.5 -0.15/0.85 5.5
SLEC-M8-B-EL 6.050~+0.5 M8 8.5 -0.35/1.25 7

SLEC-B-ELClamping Screws(Guide type/Electroless nickel plating)

Recommended size of linear guideway rail

Unit : mm

Nominal of Rail Rail Width
Applicable Clamping Screws with Eccentric Head
#9 9 SLEC-M3-B SLEC-M4-B
#12 12 SLEC-M3-B SLEC-M4-B
#15 15 SLEC-M3-B SLEC-M4-B
#20 20 SLEC-M4-B SLEC-M5-B
#25 23 SLEC-M5-B SLEC-M6-B
#30 28 SLEC-M6-B SLEC-M8-B
#35 34 SLEC-M8-B

If the eccentric clamping bolt may interfere with the carriage, etc., avoid interference by lowering its mounting surface.
When using in a linear guideway, press at the position of the linear guideway's bolts.

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