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Hex Socket Head Cap Screws - Fine Pitch Thread

Dimension Drawing

SNSS-M-PHex Socket Head Cap Screws - Fine Pitch Thread寸法図



M (Fine)
Nominal of Thread

Unit : mm

Part Number M (Fine)
Nominal of Thread
Pitch L D1 L1 B Qty per Pack Mass
CAD Standard
SNSS-M10-P1-20 M10 1 20 16 10 8 1 23 3.79 CAD Cart

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Main Body SUSXM7
(Equivalent to SUS304)
Strength Class A2-50(M4-M6)


Loosening prevention / Securement of thin plates, etc.


  • Socket head cap screws with fine pitch thread.
  • The effective diameter is larger and fatigue strength is better than coarse threads.
  • The thread pitch is small and the number of thread peaks is more than coarse threads. For securing thin plates and similar items for which coarse thread screws lack sufficient thread peaks.
  • Since the lead angle of the thread peak is smaller than that of coarse threads, there is little slippage of the thread peak surface, which prevents screws from loosening.

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