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Socket Button Head Cap Screws with Flange

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Dimension Drawing

SFBSocket Button Head Cap Screws with Flange寸法図

Unit : mm

Part Number Max. Torque(N・m) M (Coarse)
Nominal of Thread
Pitch L D1 D2 L1 t1 B t Lb Qty per Pack Mass
SFB-M6-16 8 M6 1 16 13.6 10.1 3.3 1 4 2.1 2 20 4.5 8.99 CAD Cart

*1: SFB Steel - Ferrosoferric Oxide Coating is the standard product.

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  • Socket button head cap screws with wide bearing surface and are resistant to looseness.
  • Intended for reducing the size of devices and applications with limited overhead space.


Main Body SCM435
Ferrosoferric Oxide
Strength Class 10.9

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