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Low profile screwdrivers for extremely limited access spaces

Hints for Correctly Using NBK Products

The video is an example using SKND(SKND). You can perform the same operation using this product.

Dimension Drawing

SKND-PHLow Profile Screwdrivers for Extremely Limited Access Spaces寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number Cross-Recessed Nominal Number L Qty per Pack Mass
SKND-PH0 0 14 1 26 14.81 CAD Cart


Body Plate Carbon Steel
Electroless Nickel Plating
Bit Retaining Bracket Carbon Tool Steel
Electroless Nickel Plating
Bit Alloy Steel
Chrome Plating *1

*1: SKND-PH0 has electroless nickel plating.


Attaching and removing screws in limited access spaces of equipment, devices, and vehicles


  • Thin screwdriver with a cross-recessed socket and plate-shaped handle.
  • Can be used in limited access spaces.
  • Usable in spaces where regular screwdrivers/wrenches cannot be used, it helps reduce work hours for removing peripheral components, etc.
  • Required working space is decreased, so device/equipment structure can also be made more compact.
  • Pressing the handle with fingers helps prevent cam-out.

Precautions for Use

  • Do not use for any applications other than for turning screws.
  • Do not use in locations exposed to live wires, as it is made of metal.
  • Use a bit that matches the recess shape of the screw.
  • Always observe the usage method on this page.


Take a firm grasp on the handle for use.
For cross-recessed sockets, press manually while working to prevent cam-out from occurring.

SKND-PHLow Profile Screwdrivers for Extremely Limited Access Spaces

Stable work can be achieved when there is working space above the screw by pressing on the bit.

SKND-PHLow Profile Screwdrivers for Extremely Limited Access Spaces

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