Miniature Screws

Selection Conditions
  • Select Thread Size (Metric thread)S0.8
Image Pan Head Machine Screws for Precision Instruments
Part Name Pan Head Machine Screws for Precision Instruments
Part Number SNZS-S0.8
Feature For Precision Instruments
Material SUSXM7 (Equivalent to SUS304)
Surface Treatment -
Thread Size S0.8
Specifications Specifications
List SNZS-S0.8-1 SNZS-S0.8-1.5 SNZS-S0.8-2

Miniature, precision screws from NBK

NBK defines "Miniature Screws" and "Precision Screws" as small screws with a nominal diameter of M2.6 or less.
These are also commonly referred to as Micro Screws, Camera Screws, and Eyeglass Screws
NBK offers a broad line of miniature, precision screws designed by years of extensive R&D.
The size range for these screws are S0.6 to M2.6; with options to choose for steel, stainless steel and plastic. Available head shapes include; flat, hex, and pan with socket head cap and set screw options.

These screws are suitable for fixing and positioning precision instruments, electronic devices, and miniature linear guideway rails and tables.