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Plastic Screws - Threaded Rods - RENY

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Dimension Drawing

SPA-ZPlastic Screws - Threaded Rods - RENY寸法図



M (Coarse)
Nominal of Thread

Unit : mm

Part Number M (Coarse)
Nominal of Thread
Pitch L Tension Rupture
Load (N)*1
Qty per Pack Mass
CAD Standard
SPA-M16-Z M16 2 300 18000 1 81 67.21 CAD Cart

*1: Values in chart are for reference only. They are not guaranteed values.

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Main Body RENY*1 (50% Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyamide MXD6)
Heat Resistance Temperature*2 105℃

*1: RENY is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corporation.
*2: This is the value for the resin material. The operating temperature of the product changes with performance conditions such as tightening torque.


Heat insulation and dew condensation prevention of electric and electronic devices and refrigerating and freezing facilities / Weight saving of offshore instruments,
plating facilities, automobiles, airplanes, aerospace devices, etc.


  • RENY is a thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent tensile and bending strength.
  • It is highly fatigue-resistant and has excellent creep and heat insulation properties.
  • While it is nearly as strong as metal, its weight is approximately 1/5 of iron.
  • The properties and precautions of plastic screws⇒Plastic Screws

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