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Dedicated Mounting Tool for Keyed Female-Thread Reinforcing Insert


  • Nonmagnetic
  • High strength
  • Easy to Use

Dimension Drawing

SKKDedicated Mounting Tool for Keyed Female-Thread Reinforcing Insert寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number Applicable Insert D D1 D2 L L1 Mass
SKK-45 SHINS-M4-M8 SHINS-M5-M8 3 12 8 35.5 6 23 44.98 CAD Cart
SKK-6 SHINS-M6-M10 4.7 12 10 39.5 9 25 48.24 CAD Cart
SKK-8 SHINS-M8-M12 6.3 15 12 42 10 39 53.34 CAD Cart
SKK-10 SHINS-M10-M14 8.1 16 14 42 10 47 56.47 CAD Cart
SKK-12 SHINS-M12-M16 9.9 20 16 46 12 75 59.70 CAD Cart


Main Body S45C (Hardness: 32-40 HRC)
Trivalent Chromate Treatment


Reinforcement/repair of female threading
Equipment and device structures / General industrial machines


  • A keyed female-thread reinforcing insert.
  • The key mechanically locks the rotation so there is no risk of it falling out.
  • With high strength compared to coil-type inserts, it is usable for firm fastening or in areas where bolts are frequently fastened and removed.
  • It is ideal for reinforcing female threading in light metals such as aluminum, castings, resin etc., as well as for repairing damaged female threading.


  1. Set the key in the dedicated mounting tool hole, and screw the insert into the female thread. Diagram 1
  2. Remove the key from the dedicated tool hole. With the key in contact with the dedicated tool end face, drive in the key using a hand press or hammer. Diagram 2
  3. When projection of the key is a concern, the key can be pushed in beyond the chamfered portion by reversing the dedicated tool and driving the key in using the knurled end face. Diagram 3

SHINS/SKKKey locking threaded insert for thread reinforcement


  1. Machine to the depth specified in the dimension table, using the specified drill size. Diagram 1
  2. Tip the key over in the hole, break it, and remove it. Diagram 2
  3. Remove the insert using a commercially available bolt remover or similar. Diagram 3
  4. Mount a new insert following the mounting method. Diagram 4

SHINS/SKKKey locking threaded insert for thread reinforcement

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