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Adjust Metal Washer - Steel - Ferrosoferric Oxide Film

Dimension Drawing

SWA-AWAdjust Metal Washer - Steel - Ferrosoferric Oxide Film寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number D d t Mass
Qty per Pack Price
CAD Standard
SWA-5-8-1-AW 8 5 1 0.25 10 7.56 CAD Cart
SWA-5-8-1.5-AW 8 5 1.5 0.37 10 8.36 CAD Cart
SWA-5-8-2-AW 8 5 2 0.49 10 8.83 CAD Cart


Main body S45C
Ferrosoferric Oxide Film (Black)


Height adjustment / Seating surface fall prevention


  • There is a variety of outside diameters and thickness relative to normal plain washers.
  • For securing seating surface on the long hole position and engagement of materials with low marginal seating surface pressure such as aluminum and resin.
  • ​As a collar and a spacer, it can adjust the cumulative error in assembly.

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