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Eccentric Lock Washer™


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Unit : mm

Part Number Nominal D d B C t1 t2 t Reference tightening torque
Qty per pack Mass
SWAS-6-EW 6 12 6.05 11.6 13.3 2.65 2.9 3.9 10 100 1.5 102.34 CAD Cart
SWAS-8-EW 8 17 8.1 15 17.3 3.3 3.9 5.1 28 100 3.5 135.24 CAD Cart
SWAS-10-EW 10 21 10.2 19.8 22.8 4.05 4.8 6.2 55 100 7.2 182.85 CAD Cart
SWAS-12-EW 12 24 12.2 22 25.4 4.5 6 7.5 90 100 11 280.34 CAD Cart

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Dimension Drawing

SWAS-EWEccentric Lock Washer™寸法図

Eccentric Lock Washer TM Comparison test: Anti loosening performance ※without sound

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Vibration resistant treatment


  • Vibration resistant treatment effect can be achieved simply by using commercially available hexagon nuts.
  • Hexagon nuts can be tightened by hand until tightening force applies, for simple mounting.
  • Use the receiving washer and eccentric washer as a set.
  • Passes NAS-type vibration tests (NAS3350).
  • Vibration resistant treatment effect has also been confirmed with the Junker test.

SWAS-EWEccentric Lock Washer™

Test conditions

Bolt size: M10-40

Distance between washer surfaces: 24mm

Amplitude: ±0.43mm

Vibration: 3.3Hz

Test time: 180 sec

Precautions for Use

  • Dedicated for hexagon nuts. Do not use on head side of hexagon head bolts.
  • After tightening, use bolts with length sufficient to ensure screw thread pitches of 3 or more extending beyond the hexagon nuts.
  • Do not use with other washers such as plain washers.
  • When using half-thread bolts, confirm that the eccentric washer is in the screw thread part.
  • Bolt damage may ensue due to product properties.

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