Be sure to read the "Safety Precautions" thoroughly prior to use for the safe use of the product.

Incorrect handling may cause death or serious injury

  • Do not turn on the equipment while installing/removing the product. Touching a device with hands or fingers when it is suddenly activated may cause injury.
  • Products are manufactured to be used for general purpose equipment and devices. When using a product for equipment that requires safety, please manufacture a prototype and confirm its usability.
  • Check looseness of screws, etc. in order to prevent danger. Perform periodic inspections.
  • Do not disassemble or remodel the unit.
  • Do not use if there are abnormalities such as cracks, chips, wear, or deformation.

Incorrect handling may cause injury or property damage

  • Do not use the product in environments that may adversely affect it.
  • Handle the product with care. Dropping the product may result in damage or deformation. Also, work with care to prevent such injuries as back injuries during transport or dropping the unit on feet.
  • The edges of the product may cause injury during installation or removal. Wear safety gear such as safety glasses and gloves, etc., when working. (Excluding manual operations, such as operating levers or knobs.)
  • Numerical values ​​such as mechanical properties, substances, chemical resistance, and heat resistant temperature listed on each product page of our website are reference values. These values change with operating conditions. Always carry out tests under performance conditions similar to actual conditions in advance.
  • When disposing of the unit, have a specialist perform the process in order not to adversely affect the environment.
  • It may become hot due to the conduction of heat from the surrounding equipment, which may cause burns. Take sufficient precautions.

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