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Hex Nuts - Ceramic

  • Heat-resistance
  • Chemical-proof
  • Electrical Insulation

Dimension Drawing

SCX-NHex Nuts - Ceramic寸法図

Unit : mm

Part Number M (Coarse)
Nominal of Thread
Pitch B T Mass
SCX-M10-N M10 1.5 16 8.2 5.1 58.24 CAD Cart

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Main Body Al2O3(99.5% Alumina)


FPD production equipment, semiconductor devices, printed
circuit board etching devices, metallic surface treatment
equipment and facilities, and chemical plants


  • Ceramic made from 99.5% high-purity alumina.
  • Usable continually at 1500°C.
  • They have excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, and electrical insulation.
  • The properties of ceramic screws⇒The Properties of Ceramic Screws

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