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  • Vibration Resistance


Ribbed Lock Washers

  • Vibration resistant treatment

Dimension Drawing

SWRRibbed Lock Washers寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number Nominal d D t h Qty per Pack Mass
CAD Standard
SWR-12 12 130~+0.43 18-0.43~0 1.1 1.7 10 0.89 6.62 CAD Cart

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Main Body Spring Steel(Hardness: 380-450 HV)
Ferrosoferric Oxide Film (Black)


Vibration Resistant


  • Ribs on both sides of the washer hook onto the bolt bearing surface and intended attachment section to prevent looseness due to vibration.
  • Washers for loosing prevention. For connecting locations that cannot use other means such as adhesives.
  • More effective for loosing prevention than standard spring washers.

Precautions for Use

Ribs may not hook into some connecting locations, depending on their material. Confirm in advance that the ribs will hook.

Vibration Test Comparison

Test Hexagon Screws:DIN933-8.8-M10-35、Vibration:15Hz、Amplitude:0.5mm

SWRRibbed Lock Washers

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