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Dimension Drawing

SHNRSTheft Prevention Nuts寸法図


Part Number M
Nominal of Thread
Pitch Coarse/Fine B D T t Dedicated Removal Tool Mass (g) Price
SHNRS-M6 M6 1 Coarse 10 13.5 5 1.8 SKW-6 3.8 10.46 CAD Cart
SHNRS-M8 M8 1.25 Coarse 13 17 6.1 2 SKW-8 7 9.38 CAD Cart
SHNRS-M10-P1.25 M10 1.25 Fine 17 21.6 8.4 2.2 SKW-10 15.3 13.02 CAD Cart
SHNRS-M10 M10 1.5 Coarse 17 21.6 8.4 2.2 SKW-10 15.3 11.78 CAD Cart
SHNRS-M12 M12 1.75 Coarse 19 24 9 2.5 SKW-12 20 16.12 CAD Cart
SHNRS-M16 M16 2 Coarse 24 30 13 3.3 SKW-16 43 28.91 CAD Cart


Main Body SUS304


Theft prevention for outdoor facilities / Devices disassembly prevention/tampering prevention / Security measures / Safety measures


  • Theft prevention nuts mountable with commercially available tools. Use of the same tool all along reduces mounting processes.

SHNRSTheft Prevention Nuts

  • For removal, the dedicated removal tool SKWSKW is required. Only cover nuts can be removed with commercially available tools. The base nut shape makes removal with wrenches or pliers difficult.

SHNRSTheft Prevention Nuts

  • Theft prevention nuts unique to the customer, with distinct base nut shapes, can also be manufactured.

Usage Example

Made of SUS304 and resistant to rust, it is well suited to theft prevention for outdoor structures like truck batteries or outdoor air conditioners.

SHNRSTheft Prevention Nuts

* Some truck battery fastening screws have fine screw pitch. See the dimension table for screw pitch details.

Precautions for Use

To avoid seriously reducing the theft prevention efficacy, pay attention to the following points.
  • Do not use with flat washers or spring washers.
  • Do not apply lubricants such as grease or oil to the bolts or nuts.
  • Use in locations where the seating surface makes full contact with the counterpart material.

As well, when removing, check that the dedicated removal tool SKW settles fully into the base nut.

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Use the dedicated removal tool SKW for removal.

SHNRSTheft Prevention Nuts


This Product offers improved theft prevention compared to ordinary hex nuts, and does not guarantee total theft prevention.Therefore, please note in advance that we are not liable for any damages or costs incurred due to this product.

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