Theft Prevention Nuts

Easy to mount with commercially available tools. Removal requires dedicated tools.
NBK's theft prevention nuts can prevent crime in various structures without compromising the workability of mounting.

Usage examples of theft prevention nuts

The theft prevention nut is made of stainless steel (SUS304) and provides peace of mind even for use outdoors.

Prevention of truck battery theft

Prevention of outside AC unit theft

Also recommended for the following cases

  • Prevention of crane and forklift battery theft
  • Prevention of security camera and fence theft
  • Prevention of solar panel theft
  • Prevention of grating and manhole theft
  • Prevention of tampering with playground equipment in parks
  • Prevention of bridge nameplate theft
  • Prevention of theft from change machines and vending machines



While typical theft prevention nuts require special tools in mounting, calling for tool switching, NBK's theft prevention nuts can be easily mounted with commercially available tools.


Only the cover nut can be removed with commercially available tools such as wrenches and pliers.
For removal of the base nut, a dedicated removal tool is required.

Cost benefits of theft prevention nuts

Reduces the number of working steps as compared with the typical theft prevention nuts

Typical theft prevention nuts require special tools to mount, calling for tool switching.
As NBK's theft prevention nuts can be mounted using a commercially available tool, there is no need to switch tools.
Example: 4 nuts are used for 1 solar panel. Using theft prevention nut in one place.
        If it takes 10 seconds to switch tools, working on 5,000 panels can save...
        10 sec x 5,000 pcs = about 14 hours!

Initial cost and running costs for security measures are not required

Why not review costly security measures such as intrusion detection sensors, cameras, fences, security company and insurance?
Example: For security sensor           : initial cost of about 18,000 USD + running costs
               For theft prevention nuts  : Above costs not required!

Size Lineup

Standardized M6-M16 sizes. Other sizes are also available.
Same sizes as commercially available hex nuts (Class 1) and plain washers (parallel type), allowing the currently used nuts to be replaced without having to worry about the space.
* Dedicated tool may cause interference depending on the mounting location, preventing replacement of the existing product as is. Contact our customer service for details.
   Commercially available hex nut

We manufacture theft prevention nuts to meet the customer's needs!

Theft prevention nuts unique to the customer, with distinct bolt type and base nut shapes, can also be manufactured.