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Washers - Titanium

  • Cleanroom Specification
  • Chemical-proof
  • Nonmagnetic
  • Light Weight

Dimension Drawing

SWAT-SWashers - Titanium寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number Nominal d D t Qty per Pack Mass
CAD Standard
SWAT-10-S 10 10.2 18.4 2.5 1 2.1 2.70 CAD Cart


Main Body TP340C(Grade 2 Titanium)


Lightweight applications in automobiles, aircrafts, spacecrafts, and robots
FPD production equipment, semiconductor devices, electrical and electronic equipment, aquatic applications, and electrochemical plating


  • Specific gravity is approximately 60% of stainless steel.
  • Nonmagnetic.
  • Excellent chemical and seawater resistance.
  • Chemical polishing and brightening processing improve the screw surface. Furthermore, the screws are cleanroom washed, cleanroom packed, and comply with clean specifications that require no oil or foreign matter deposits.

Physical Property

TP340C(Grade 2 Titanium)
Specific Gravity 4.51
Melting Point(℃) 1668
Longitudinal Elastic Modulus(GPa) 106
Thermal Conductivity(W/(m・K)) 17.16
Linear Expansion Coefficient(K-1 8.4×10-6
Electric Resistance(μΩ・m) 0.55
Amplitude Permeability(μ) 1.0001(Nonmagnetic)

Values in chart are for reference only. They are not guaranteed values.

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