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Hexagon Screwdriver (with Screw Holding Function)


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Dimension Drawing

SKCDHexagon Screwdriver (with Screw Holding Function)寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number B Nominal of Width Across Flats L L1 min. Mass
SKCD-1.27 1.3 103 56 3 18.05 CAD Cart
SKCD-1.5 1.5 119 61 6 16.91 CAD Cart
SKCD-2 2 125 68 7 16.91 CAD Cart
SKCD-2.5 2.5 130 64 15 21.76 CAD Cart
SKCD-3 3 170 78 36 21.76 CAD Cart
SKCD-4 4 200 90 67 23.20 CAD Cart
SKCD-5 5 217 105 78 30.06 CAD Cart


Shaft Part *1 Alloy Steel
Zinc Phosphate Film
Grip Core Part Polypropylene
Grip *2 Thermoplastic Rubber

*1: The tip resin is nylon.
*2: SKCD-1.27, SKCD-1.5, and SKCD-2 use polypropylene.


For narrow areas where screws cannot be retained by hand, during assembly/maintenance of devices, equipment, vehicles and so on


  • A screwdriver which holds hex socket head cap screws.
  • Prevents screws from falling during work through the friction between the nylon resin injected into the tip and the hex socket.

SKCDHexagon Screwdriver (with Screw Holding Function)

  • Because the tip uses a ball point, it can be used at a tilted angle of up to 25° to the hex socket.
  • Unlike magnetic holding methods, it can be used with screws of any material. There is also no adherence of foreign matter due to tip magnetism.
  • It is also effective when removing screws in deep counterbore holes or areas that are hard to reach.

Usage Example

For areas with interference or deep narrow spaces, where screws cannot be retained by hand.

SKCDHexagon Screwdriver (with Screw Holding Function)

For spaces where interference makes it impossible to use tools perpendicularly to the screw.

SKCDHexagon Screwdriver (with Screw Holding Function)

Precautions for Use

  • Use a size matching the hex socket shape.
  • Retention may not be possible according to the dimensions and specifications of the hex socket.
  • Do not use for final tightening or loosening.
  • Do not use in locations exposed to live wires, as it is made of metal.
  • Do not use for any applications other than for turning screws.
  • Always observe the usage method on this page.


  1. The screw will be retained by the tip when the tip SKCD is inserted firmly and fully into the hex socket of the screw.
  2. Turn manually to mount screws in screw holes, as with a standard screwdriver.
  3. After mounting the screw, pull SKCD to free the tip from the hex socket.

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