International System of Units

International system of unit (SI) and its usage. Excerpt from JIS Z 8203:2000

1. Scope of application
This standard defines the international system of unit (SI), recommends use of some
specifically-selected units for general use from among units in the table for integral
power of ten units, further specifies other units that may be used with the SI and
provides the definition of SI basic unit.

2. Reference standards
Standards listed below constitute the provisions of this standard by being referenced
herein. The latest version of the reference standards applies.
IEC 27-1: 1971, Letter symbols to be used in electrical technology - Part 1: General

3. SI unit The name international system of unit(SI)and its internationally-used abbreviation"SI"
were officially adopted in the 11th CGPM (Conference General des Poides et Mesures) in 1960.
This unit system consists of the following units to constitute a consistent unit system.
- Basic units
- Derived units

3.1 Basic units
There are 7 basic international units as indicated in Table 1.

● Table 1 SI basic units

● Table 3 SI derived units with specific names appreciated to protect human health

● Table 2 SI derived units with specific names

● Table 4 SI prefix

Table of conversion rate to primary SI units

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