Date Published:May. 10. 2020

Solving common issues with Medical Equipment(Biochemical Analyzer)

Introducing methods of preserving the cleanliness and safety essential when designing biochemical analyzers.

01.Monitors need to be movable in accordance with the worker's height or the nature of the work

Available display mounting systems include adjustable angle type and options for various mounting locations

Adjust the monitor position freely.

Display Device Mounting Systems   Mounting Systems for Display

02.Component corrosion prevention is required

Highly corrosion-resistant material should be used for areas exposed to chemicals or frequently cleaned

We offer screws with excellent chemical resistance.

Chemical-Resistant Screws

All-stainless steel parts are available. We also offer parts made of highly corrosion-resistant SUS304.

Stainless Steel Hand Knobs (made of SUS304)   KMDFS

03.Vibration during high-speed mixer rotation must be prevented

Couplings that can absorb vibrations should be used

Couplings enable high-speed rotation by absorbing the vibration caused during rotation. They also prevent equipment noise.

High-Gain Rubber Couplings   XGT2

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