Date Published:Feb. 06. 2015

Hastelloy C-22 Screws

NBK's "Hastelloy C-22 screw" comes to the rescue at production sites. It is resistant to corrosion and long-lasting.

It is standardly used by major semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturers both in Japan and around the world.

Semiconductor production equipment

CVD/Film-forming equipment such as sputtering equipment and CVD/MO-CVD equipment, cleaning equipment, inspection equipment, and etching equipment

Liquid-crystal panel manufacturing equipment

Organic EL (OLED) manufacturing equipment, TV / mobile phone / tablet PC panel manufacturing equipment


Vacuum valves, vacuum chambers of electron microscopes, vacuum deposition equipment, etc.

Please contact us if you use the above equipment.

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Inconel 600 screws, Hastelloy C276 screws, and pure molybdenum screws are also available.

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