Corprate History

450 years of perfecting our craftsmanship.

Our tradition of creating high-quality products dates back to 1560, the year Oda Nobunaga won the battle of Okehazama and was heralded as a new hero in Japanese history.
Our founders acquired advanced knowledge and skills to create cast metal products such as pots, pans, lanterns, and temple bells, and received the title of "Licensed Foundry Craftsmen" from the Imperial Court. Thus, our company name, "Nabeya," literally meaning "pan shop," indicates that the abilities of our craftsmen have been officially recognized as being associated with quality.

Four centuries later, in 1940, the "Nabeya Kogyo Kaisha (NBK)," a manufacturer of power transmission equipment, was established and eventually became the "Nabeya Bi-tech Kaisha" in 2001.
As an old, yet new, company, we pride ourselves in our 450-year-old tradition of quality production. We constantly seek to capture the spirit of current trends in order to add new value.

Corporate History

Started a foundry in Gifu.
Received a license as "Foundry Craftsmen".
Established Nabeya Kogyo Kaisha(NBK).
Started production and sales of cast iron flat pulleys.
Introduced cast iron split pulleys.
Set manufacturer's standards for V pulleys and started production and sales.
Set manufacturer's standards for cast iron handwheels.
Introduced flexible flanged shaft couplings.
Introduced JIS standard V pulleys.
Introduced Wedge® pulleys.
Completed Seki Garden Factory's first phase construction.
Established Van Pulley Ltd. with Kanemitsu Corp. for Vankin® pulleys.
Began affiliation with Lanker & Co. AG (Switzerland) for the M&M product line.
Began affiliation with China Metallurgical Import Export Corporation (China) for V pulleys.
Introduced Isomec® bushings and Isomec® SP pulleys.
Introduced Isomec® synchronous pulleys and Isomec® Poly-Drive pulleys.
Opened Tokyo sales office.
Established NBK Power Transmission Research Center in honor of Mr. Tomokichi Okamoto.
Developed computer software for pulley selection.
Opened Osaka sales office.
Obtained licensing agreement with TB Wood's Incorporated (U.S.A.) for flexible shaft couplings. Introduced Sure-Flex® couplings.
Began affiliation with Otto Ganter GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) for the M&M product line.
Introduced Couplicon® miniature couplings and Clamp-Lock® bushings.
Completed the first phase of computerizing Kakamigahara Foundry.
Opened Nagoya sales office.
Acquired licensing agreement with Leggett & Platt Inc. (U.S.A.) for flexible shaft couplings.
Started production of cast aluminum products.
Presented with the Good Design Product award by MITI for the Couplicon® MST miniature coupling.
Introduced Isomec® sprockets.
Introduced Isomec® flat pulleys.
Began affiliation with Gamm s.r.l. (Italy) for the M&M product line.
Presented with the "iF" Design Prize for the Couplicon® MST miniature coupling, chosen as One of "The Top Ten of the Year-1991" by Industrie Forum Design Hannover.
Presented with the Good Design Product award by MITI for the M&M Dimple Knob, Plastic Clamp Lever and Couplicon® MOL miniature coupling.
Completed construction of Seki Garden Factory's office building and auditorium.
Began affiliation with Southco, Inc. (U.S.A.) for the Access Hardware product line.
Began affiliation with Rogan Corp. (U.S.A.) for the M&M product line.
Began affiliation with Atoms Monaco (France) for the M&M product line.
Presented with the "iF" Design Prize by the Industrie Forum Design Hannover for the Couplicon® MOL, MHW, and MHS miniature couplings.
Presented with the "Best Office in Japan" award by Nikkei News and MITI.
Presented with the Good Design Facility award by MITI and honored by the President of the Japan Greenery
Research and Development Center for the Seki Garden Factory.
Presented with the Medium and Small Business Research Institute Award.
Began affiliation with Superbolt, Inc. (U.S.A.) for Superbolt product line.
Introduced the Superbolt product line.
Taichi Okamoto, President and CEO, awarded "Persons of distinguished services to the promotion of science and technology" by the Science and Technology Agency.
Established Aluminum Foundry in the Kakamigahara Industrial Park.
Established PT. Himalaya Nabeya Indonesia as a joint venture.
Completed construction of the MEME Center and the "Genki-Tei" exercise facility at the Seki Garden Factory.
Completed construction of a machining shop for development and production of NBK machinery at the Seki Garden Factory.
Awarded the 1998 "Chubu Architecture Prize" for the "MEME Center" and the "Genki-Tei."
Introduced® specialized screws.
Acquired certifications of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for all the areas and activities at the same time.
Changed the company name to Nabeya Bi-tech Kaisha.
Concluded licensing agreement with Lovejoy Inc. (U.S.A.) for flexible shaft couplings.
Introduced JawMax® couplings.
Concluded licensing agreement with Jaure, S.A. (Spain) for flexible shaft couplings.
Introduced ServoMax® couplings.
Introduced grooved pulley for round belts couplings.
Presented with the Good Design Product award for the ServoMax® MSMA coupling.
Affiliated with Zimmer GmbH (Germany) for Linear Guideway Clamper.
Introduced LinearClamper-Zee® clamping elements.
Acquired OHSAS 18001. Commenced the operarion of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 as integrated management system.
Completed temperature and humidity controlled Bi-tech Plant for ultra-precise machining.
A Class 10 clean room included in Bi-tech Plant.
Completed Positive Air Pressure Place designed to support the logistics of our high frequency, micro-scale, and same-day shipment.
Introduced PowerStop® shock absorbers.
Received "The 1st Japan Craftsmanship Award" by the Prime Minister for micro-scale production of diversified V-pulleys.
Selected as one of "The 300 best small and medium-sized enterprises in Japan" in 2006.
Received the 2005 "Design Excellent Company Award" for Nabeya Bi-tech Kaisha(Company) and Taichi Okamoto(President&CEO).
Received the "Nikkei New Office rel="noopener noreferrer" Award".
Opened Gifu Collection of Modern Arts(Gi-Co-Ma) at Seki Garden Factory.
Changed the address to "1, Toko-Taichi, Seki City, Gifu 501-3939"
Affiliated with MISATI (Spain) for PowerClamper®.
Introduced UDEX series, accessory parts with universal designs for human-friendly manufacturing.
Presented with the 2007 "Good Design Award" for the Couplicon® limX series shaft couplings.
Presented with the 2007 "Long Life Design Award" for the Couplicon® MST,MOL shaft couplings, Plastic Clamp Lever LEM, and Dimple Knob KDM, KLM, KRM.
Selected as the best company of the "IT Executive Management Award" in 2008 by METI.
LCA report of miniature plastic clamp lever LECM/LECF and LECMS/LECFS was confirmed by the Japan Environmental Management Assosiation for Industry (JEMAI) the method of analysis is properly carried out according to ISO14040 stabdard (2006).
Presented with the Incentive Award of "'CHO' MONODZUKURI Innovative Parts and Components Award 2008" for the next generation of high performance Couplicon® limX XGT and XGS shaft couplings.
Changed the registered address to Seki Garden Factory
Presented with the "Craftsmanship Award" by The Society of Plant Engineers Japan(SOPE-J)
Presented with the Incentive Award by Life Cycle Assesment Society of Japan(JLCA)
Established NBK Zimmer, Inc.
Selected as the best company of the "IT Executive Management Award" in 2010 by METI.
Selected as the visitation site of the official event of APEC Small and Medium Enterprises Ministerial Meeting.
Established Nabeya Bi-tech (Suzhou) Co., Ltd..
Introduced the Senior Meister system.
Replaced all the lightings in The Seki Garden Factory(HO) with LED.
Presented with The 2011 "Good Design Award" for Smart-Zee® series HKL,HKC clamping elements.
Started Nabeya Bi-tech (Suzhou) Co., Ltd..
Acquired ISO50001.
Presented with the 2012 "Good Design Award" for the Couplicon® MJC shaft couplings.
Introduced High-Gain Type Coupling eXtra Gain® XG2 series shaft couplings.
Selected as one of "Selection of Businesses Achieving Omotenashi Customer Service Business" in 2014 by METI.
Started "Reduce costs by Beppin Imono" the service for casting metal.
Acquired ISO22301.
NBK America LLC started.
"Handling technology" started.
Mino Garden Factory started.
Selected as "Excellent company for promoting work-life balance in Gifu Prefecture" sponsored by Gifu Prefecture.
Selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as "Regional Future Leader".
Completion of the Nabeya Bi-tech (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. distribution center.
Began manufacturing and selling “Wireless Positioning Units” capable of automating device/equipment positioning setup.
Began manufacturing and selling new “Wireless Positioning Units“ model.
Construction of new “Future Factory” in Seki Koen (phase 1) completed.
Begin selling “XGHW Series” vibration-absorption capable disk type couplings.
Selected as "The New Diversity Management Selection 100 Project in FY 2019".
Selected as a "Job that Seki-shi woman was easy to commit  ".
Automation of the Mino foundry pouring line, creation of production management system that takes advantage of IoT.
Began new “Cloud history monitoring system ezeio (easy IO)” service.
The holding company, NBK & Co., Ltd., was established.
Alliance with eze System, Inc. (U.S.A.) for ezeio®.