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Plastic Clamp Levers with Flat Washers for Slotted Holes

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Dimension Drawing

LEM-LWPPlastic Clamp Levers with Flat Washers for Slotted Holes寸法図



M (Coarse)
Nominal of Thread
Body Color

Unit : mm

Part Number M (Coarse)
Nominal of Thread
Pitch Lm R H H' h s D d Dw tw Lw s1 B*1 Tooth No. Max. Load Max. Clamping Force Mass
Body Color CAD RFQ
LEM-10-80-LWP30-BK M10 1.5 80 78 55.4 59.4 36 8 21 16 30 3 2 7 11 26 200 11 158 BK CAD RFQ

*1: Set the width of the slotted hole to match the washer projection B dimension.

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Lever Part Nylon 6 (Various Color)
Thread Part SUM22L
Ferrosoferric Oxide Film (Black)
Setscrew Steel
Ferrosoferric Oxide Film (Black)
Serration Ring (Insert) Zinc Die Cast
Washer for Slotted Holes SUS303
Spring Stainless Steel Wire


  • Plastic clamp lever with flat washer for slotted holes.
  • The projection on the washer seating surface prevents the washer from turning and the pointer on the top always points to the scale, making it suitable for a slide mechanism that uses slotted holes.

LEM-LWPPlastic Clamp Levers with Flat Washers for Slotted Holes

  • Washers are built into the relief cut section to prevent them from falling off. This also eliminates the need to mount washers.
  • The outside diameter of the washer is about 3 times the screw diameter. This provides a sufficient seating surface for the tightening area.
  • The zinc die cast serration ring is inserted into the plastic lever main unit. It achieves sufficient fitting strength with the metal screw serrations.
  • The lever is available in 3 color variations. They can be selected by the end symbol of the part number.
End Symbol Lever Part Color
BK Matte Black
SG Matte Silver
OR Matte Orange

Only takes a minute to understand! How to Use Clamp Levers.

Precautions for Use

  • Refer to the washer index as a guide.

  • Before tightening the lever, make sure that the washers are located at the relief cut section as shown in Fig. 1. Tightening the washer while hooked on the screw thread as shown in Fig. 2 may cause the washer to be deformed.

LEM-LWPPlastic Clamp Levers with Flat Washers for Slotted Holes

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LEM-LWPPlastic Clamp Levers with Flat Washers for Slotted Holes

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LEM-LWPPlastic Clamp Levers with Flat Washers for Slotted Holes

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