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Captive Washer for Pull (with Captive Screw)

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Dimension Drawing

LYSC-N-SSCCaptive Washer for Pull (with Captive Screw)寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number Captive Washer for Pull [[LYSC-N]] Captive Screw [[SSC]] Mass
D M d e A T s M L Lm D1 L1 B dc
LYSC-12-N-SSC-M5-12 12 M5 4.2 1.2 8.3 2.5 1 M5 12 6 8.5 5 4 3.9 4.4 CAD RFQ


Captive Washer for Pulls LYSC-N SUS304
Barrel Polishing
Captive Screw SSC SUSXM7 (Equivalent to SUS304)


  • With a pull mounted on it, the pull mounting surface is beautifully decorated while falling of screws within the enclosure is prevented.
  • No additional modification of cover or door is required to mount the pull.
  • For applications such as food machinery, packing machinery and chemical manufacturing devices that require countermeasures against parts falling.
  • A captive screw for mounting SSC is supplied.

Mounting method

  1. Let the supplied captive screw SSC through the cover and door and tighten it into the screw hole located in the position eccentric from the center of the captive washer for the pull LYSC-N from the pull mounting surface until the cylindrical part of SSC is penetrated Figure 2.
  2. Move SSC to the drilled hole at the center of LYSC-NFigure 3.
  3. In the state indicated in Figure 3, tighten SSC to mount the pull Figure 4.
  4. After mounting, the pull screw hole and SSC are retained at the center of LYSC-N. At this point, the drilled hole at the center of LYSC-N is smaller than the screw part of SSC, so SSC never comes out of the drilled hole and falling is prevented.

LYSC-N-SSCCaptive Washer for Pull (with Captive Screw)

Applicable Pulls

Part Number Applicable Pulls
LYSC-12-N-SSC TG-108
LYSC-16A-N-SSC All Sizes All Sizes TG-110

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LYSC-N-SSCCaptive Washer for Pull (with Captive Screw)

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