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Hex Socket Head Cap Screws with Special Low Profile (Nylon Patch)

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Dimension Drawing

SSH-EL-ALKHex Socket Head Cap Screws with Special Low Profile (Nylon Patch)寸法図

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Main Body SCM435
Electroless Nickel Plating
Nylon Patch Nylon 11
Strength Class Thread Part: 10.9
Head *1: 5.8 (M2-M8)
4.8 (M10)

*1: Do not exceed the max. tightening torque. Though strength is increased through heat treatment, the head strength is less than that of thread.


Reducing the size of equipment and devices / Return and fall prevention of screws


  • The friction of the nylon adhered to the thread suppresses the return rotation of the thread.
  • Even if the tightening force is lost, the return rotation is suppressed, preventing the screws from falling off.
  • All head heights are 1.5mm or less.
  • For space-saving of equipment/devices and applications with limited overhead space.

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