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Plastic screw - Hex Socket Low Head Bolt - RENY

  • Space
  • High strength

Dimension Drawing

SPA-LCPlastic screw - Hex Socket Low Head Bolt - RENY寸法図

Unit : mm

Part Number M (Coarse)
Nominal of Thread
Pitch L D1 L1 B Tension Rupture
Torsional Torque
Qty per Pack Mass
SPA-M4-8-LC M4 0.7 8 7 2.8 2.5 1286 0.74 20 0.27 CAD RFQ

*1: The values in the table are reference values and are not guaranteed values. The recommended tightening torque is 50% of the twisting rupture torque.

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  • Hex socket head cap screw with low head.
  • For space-saving of equipment/device and applications with a limited top space.
  • RENY is thermoplastic engineering plastics with excellent tensile strength and bending strength.
  • It is highly fatigue-resistant and has excellent creeping and heat insulation properties.
  • While it is nearly as strong as metal, its weight is approximately 1/5 of iron.
  • The properties and precautions of plastic screws⇒Plastic Screws


Main body RENY*1
(Glass Fiber 50% Reinforced Polyamide MXD6) (Black)
Heat resistance

*1: RENY is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corporation.
*2: A value of plastic materials. The allowable operating temperature of the product varies depending on use conditions such as tightening torque.

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