DuPont™ VESPEL® Screws for Extreme Heat Properties of VESPEL® by DuPont™ Resistance And Cleanliness

VESPEL® is non-thermoplastic super-engineering plastic formed from powder of wholly aromatic polyimide resin developed by DuPont using advanced technology. Among super-engineering plastics, it has top-level heat resistance. It is used in wide range of applications, starting with machine and electrical machine parts.


  • Extreme Heat Resistance
  • Continuous Max. Operating Temperature:288℃ (SP-1), 350℃ (SCP-5000) VESPEL is formed from a polyimide that has excellent heat resistance. VESPEL can be used continually under high temperatures without reaching a softening point, such as its melting point or glass transition point.

  • Low outgas
  • Outgas quantity is extremely low under high temperatures. No bubbles blend in thanks to the powder compression molding method.

  • Chemical Resistance
  • VESPEL is resistant to various chemicals.

  • Plasma Resistance
  • Radiation Hardness
  • Abrasion Resistance

VESPEL® Screw Types

Standard grade SP-1 and high grade SCP-5000 screws are available as standard.


This material has excellent heat resistance and electrical and thermal insulation properties. It is used widely in industrial fields.Due to its excellent plasma resistance and low outgas characteristics, it is widely used for peripheral parts for FPD production equipment and semiconductor devices.


This material has better strength characteristics, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and dimensional stability than SP-1.In addition to FPD production equipment and semiconductor devices, this material is also used in the fields of air and spacecraft.

Properties of VESPEL® by DuPontTM

Physical Properties

Properties Test Method Unit VESPEL®
Tensile Strength D1708 N/mm2 86 160
Tensile Erongation D1708 % 7.5 7
Flexural Strength D790 N/mm2 110 247
Flexural Modulus D790 GPa 3.1 5.7
Izot Impact (with Notch) D256 J/m 42.7 -
Rockwell Hardness D785 R・M
M90 M100
Deflection Temp.(1.82MPa) D648 360 350
Flame Class UL94 - V-0 V-0
Dielectric Constant(106Hz) D150 - 3.6 3.3
Dielectric Loss Tangent(106Hz) D150 - 0.0034 0.001
Volume Resistivity(×1014) D257 Ω・m 1 - 10 1
Dielectric Breakdown Strength D149 MV/m 22 -
Specific Gravity D792 - 1.43 1.43
Water Absorption (in 23 deg C Water for 24 h) D570 % 0.24 0.08
Glass Fiber Content - % - -

●Values in chart are for reference only. They are not guaranteed values.

Chemical Resistance

Chemical Name VESPEL®
10% Hydrochloric Acid
10% Sulfuric Acid
50% Sulfuric Acid ×
10% Nitric Acid
50% Nitric Acid × ×
10% Hydrofluoric Acid
50% Hydrofluoric Acid × ×
Formic Acid
Phosphoric Acid
Citric Acid
Boric Acid
Methyl Alcohol
Ammonia ×
10% Sodium Hydroxide ×
10% Potassium Hydroxide ×
Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 〇:Usable
  • △:Usable under certain conditions
  • × :Non-usable

●A test piece was used to acquire the test data at room temperature (23 deg C). Chemical resistance changes with performance conditions. Always carry out tests under performance conditions similar to actual conditions in advance.

Low Outgas

Instrument :Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer(QMS)

Heating temperature :350℃

Heating time :30 minutes

●Values in chart are for reference only. They are not guaranteed values.

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