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Duplex Stainless Steel Hexagon Nuts

  • Chemical-proof
  • High strength
  • with Magnetic Properties

Dimension Drawing

SHNDSDuplex Stainless Steel Hexagon Nuts寸法図


Part Number M B T Mass
Qty per pack CAD RFQ
SHNDS-M12 M12 19 10 16 1 CAD RFQ
SHNDS-M16 M16 24 13 31 1 CAD RFQ
SHNDS-M20 M20 30 16 61 1 CAD RFQ
SHNDS-M24 M24 36 19 102 1 CAD RFQ

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Main body UNS S31803


Seawater desalination equipment / Seawater intake pump /
Offshore instruments / Food machinery / Food production line


  • Made of duplex stainless steel, combining the best of austenitic and ferritic steel.
  • Excellent strength and corrosion resistance compared to SUS316L.
  • It has magnetism.
  • For applications in chloride environments such as seawater.

Solve your saltwater-related rust issues!Duplex Stainless Steel Screws.

Mechanical property

UNS S31803 SUS316L
Tensile strength(N/mm2 620 or above 480 or above
0.2% Proof Stress (N/mm2) 450 or above 175 or above
Extension(%) 18 or above 40 or above
Hardness(HRB) (106 or less) 90 or less

Values in chart are for reference only. They are not guaranteed values.

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