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Washers with Ventilation Grooves

  • Vacuum
  • Cleanroom Specification
  • Low Outgas

Dimension Drawing

SWAS-VF-PCWashers with Ventilation Grooves寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number Nominal d D t Qty per Pack Mass
SWAS-3-VF-PC 3 3.2 7 0.5 20 0.12 CAD RFQ
SWAS-4-VF-PC 4 4.3 9 0.8 20 0.31 CAD RFQ
SWAS-5-VF-PC 5 5.3 10 1 10 0.44 CAD RFQ
SWAS-6-VF-PC 6 6.4 12.5 1.6 10 1.1 CAD RFQ
SWAS-8-VF-PC 8 8.4 17 1.6 10 2.1 CAD RFQ
SWAS-10-VF-PC 10 10.5 21 2 5 4 CAD RFQ
SWAS-12-VF-PC 12 13 24 2.5 5 6.2 CAD RFQ

●When purchasing less volume than one full bag, a separate handling fee is charged. For details, see the Sold Separately Service.

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Main Body SUS304
Chemical Polish


Vacuum devices, vacuum chambers, FPD production equipment, semiconductor devices, and electron microscopes


  • The ventilation groove easily releases gas trapped in the drill holes of equipment and machines, and supports vacuum drawing of vacuum devices.
  • Cleanroom wash and cleanroom packing are completed.⇒Cleanroom Wash / Cleanroom Packing Service
  • SWAS-VF-PChas an improved surface coarseness by chemical polishing. Outgas quantity is extremely low. Suitable for the use under medium vacuum environments.
  • Combine this item with screws with ventilation holes, such as SVSSSocket Head Cap Screw with Ventilation Hole.SVSSSVSS-PC

Usage Example

Gas trapped in drilled holes is released through SWAS-VF, and gas trapped in screw holes is released by screws with ventilation holes such as SVSSSVSSSVSS-PC).

SWAS-VF-PCWashers with Ventilation Grooves

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SWAS-VF-PCWashers with Ventilation Grooves

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