Auto-Positioning Units

Easy automation of manual positioning

What are Auto-Positioning Units?

Instead of manual handle operation, our equipment enables automatic positioning.
Batch control of multiple units is possible, dramatically reducing setup time.

Automated positioning

The built-in motor rotates the feed screw,
grasping the present position via the encoder and stopping at the target position.
Positioning is automated.

Advantages of Use

  • Reduction of setup work time on multi-model production lines

    The time needed for setup is reduced by automating the positioning work that comes up frequently when changing models, improving productivity.

  • Reduces setup errors due to manual work

    Automation of positioning work reduces setup errors caused by manual work, preventing damaged products and quality defects.

  • Automation of dangerous setup work

    Remote operation enables avoidance of work involving fall or contact hazards, such as in high places or with machine interference, allowing work to be done from a safe place.

  • Improved work efficiency in locations with poor operability

    Automating work in tight spaces or places with obstacles enables working efficiency to be improved while reducing physical strain.

More detailed information on dimensions,
performance, etc. is available


01Maximum 32 unit batch control

Batch control of up to 32 units is possible.
Each can also perform different movements.
System Configuration is here

POINTReduces total positioning time

When the time-consuming manual positioning of multiple locations is automated, they can be batch controlled, reducing total positioning time.

02Multiple setup patterns can be registered

The dedicated software function enables numerical setting for up to 1,000 setups.* Daily setup time is reduced.

POINTFrequent positioning work goes more smoothly

When changing models on the same line multiple times a day, automated line positioning can result in large total time savings. It also helps simplify complex positioning work, making handle operation order errors impossible. * EPC-100: Max. 1,000
EPC-200-CC, EPC-210-EIP: Max. 100

03Easy introduction

POINTEasily replaces handles

Mounting can be completed simply by replacing the installed operation handle. Complex installation is not required.
Actual mounting video available here

EPU-210/EPU-220 Mounting Method

* By drilling a hole for the positioning pin in equipment or devices, it is also possible to mount the unit without the dedicated mounting plate.

POINTDedicated software free of charge

Because the control software can be used free of charge, costs and time required are minimized compared to the construction of an original automated positioning system. The automated system can be easily mounted.
Software is available here


Compared with the use of a combined handle and indicator, it is thinner and more compact. It also contributes to space-saving without affecting the workability of the production line or equipment.

04Wireless communication supported*

Signals from the transceiver to each unit are transmitted* wirelessly, with no cable wiring required. No troublesome wiring is needed for the production line or equipment. Wired connection is also possible. * EPU-220, EPU-100

05Dust-proof and waterproof (IP65)*

Dust-proof and waterproof structure achieves IP65* protection class. It can be used safely even in environments where it may be exposed to dust or water.* EPU-210, EPU-220

More detailed information on dimensions, performance, etc. is available

Three unit models

Select according to your operating environment.

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EPU-210 EPU-220 EPU-100
Rated Torque (Standard) 0.8N・m 0.8N・m 0.765N・m
Rated Torque (Using High Torque Adapter) 2.7N・m*1 / 5.4N・m*2 2.7N・m*1 / 5.4N・m*2
Wired Connection
Wireless Connection ×
Display × ×
Use as a single unit *3 × ×
IP code IP65 IP65
Ext. dimensions (excluding the power cable and protrusions) 45mm×150mm×45mm 45mm×150mm×45mm 42mm×70mm×115mm
*1: When used in combination with High Torque Adapter EOAT-200-4
*2: When used in combination with High Torque Adapter EOAT-200-8
*3: Usable without PC, PLC, or EPC-200-CC, EPC-210-EIP, EPC-100 transceivers

Download Data on Auto-Positioning Units

More detailed information on dimensions, performance, etc. is available