Auto-Positioning Units

Easy automation of manual positioning

Product Lineup

Auto-Positioning Units

Auto-Positioning Units

These units automate positioning with a feed screw. By replacing the manual operating handle, equipment and device positioning work can be automated.


Applicable Part NumbersEPU-220, EPU-100

Transceivers dedicated for use with Wireless Positioning Units.


High Torque Adapters

Applicable Part NumbersEPU-210, EPU-220

High torque adapters reduce the rotation speed of the unit and amplify the torque. We offer mounting plates which enable mounting of a high torque adapter using the positioning pin hole for the digital position indicator as-is as well as collars which change the bore diameter.

Repeater Hubs

Applicable Part NumbersEPU-210-B, EPU-220-B

Repeater hubs enable easy connection and reduce wiring work in wired connection of multiple units. When using a repeater hub, a dedicated cable is required.


Applicable Part NumbersEPU-210, EPU-220

Dedicated mounting plates enable using the positioning pin hole on the machine as-is to mount the unit when replacing the digital position indicator and handle attached to a machine with a unit.

Applicable Part NumbersEPU-210, EPU-220

Dedicated collars enable the unit output shaft bore diameter to be changed to match the rotation shaft.

Lock Adapters
Applicable Part NumbersEPU-100

Lock adapters for position retention are used in combination with units. Positioning misalignment due to equipment vibration, external force, or dead weight in vertical use is prevented.

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