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  • EPU-210 (EPU-210) EPU-220 (EPU-220) dedicated mounting plate.
  • If replacing the digital position indicator and handle attached to a machine with EPU-210 or EPU-220, use the positioning pin hole for the digital position indicator of the machine as-is to mount EPU-210 or EPU-220.

EOAP-200Mounting Plates

Dimension Drawing

EOAP-200Mounting Plates寸法図

Part Number Mass
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EOAP-200 16 24.81 Cart


Plate Aluminum Alloy
Barrel Polishing
Positioning Pin Aluminum Alloy
Cushioning Foam Polyethylene

Only takes two minutes to understand!Wireless Positioning Units Installation/Connection Method


① Mount by aligning the EPU-210EPU-220 positioning pins and the EOAP-200 mounting holes.

EOAP-200Mounting Plates

Can be mounted in each 90° orientation.
Mount in a position such that EPU-210EPU-220 does not interfere with machinery.

EOAP-200Mounting Plates

② Remove the digital position indicator and handle from the rotation axis.

EOAP-200Mounting Plates

③ With EOAP-200 mounted to EPU-210EPU-220, put the rotation axis through the output shaft and secure with the hex socket set screws supplied with EPU-210EPU-220. (Recommended tightening torque: 2.8 N・m)

EOAP-200Mounting Plates

Precautions for Use

EOAP-200 is used when replacing digital position indicators with sizes as per Fig. 1 or Fig. 2. When shipped, the position of the EOAP-200 positioning pin is matched for sizes of Fig. 2. When replacing digital position indicators with sizes as per Fig. 1, rotate the positioning pin anti-clockwise with a flathead screwdriver and remove it, then change its position. (Recommended tightening torque: 0.3 N・m)

EOAP-200Mounting Plates

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