Date Published:May. 09. 2022

No. 1: The Semiconductor Industry and NBK

Semiconductor Industry Facts (as of 2022)

In recent years, due among other things to the novel coronavirus, the shift to a data-based society has picked up speed, including remote work, online classes and medicine, video streaming services and so on.
As well, the demand for semiconductors is expected to increase even further, due to the 5G network, the increase in data centers, the shift to intelligent factories, the increase in semiconductors installed in automobiles and so on.
Accordingly, semiconductor manufacturers worldwide are actively investing in facilities and the demand for semiconductor manufacturing equipment is high as well.

Toward realizing a carbon-neutral society

Semiconductors' evolution is a source of expectations toward realizing a carbon-neutral society.
In order to realize this carbon-neutral society, energy-saving in every field, via devices using semiconductors, is an essential step.
Higher semiconductor performance and greater mass production are urgent issues.
Naturally, semiconductor manufacturing equipment is also called on for higher precision, higher quality, and greater throughput.

NBK's Actions

Due to the increased precision, quality, and throughput required of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, NBK receives numerous special requests for the screws used in the equipment.
NBK offers a wide lineup including characteristics such as corrosion resistance, heat resistance, non-magnetism and so on, as well as responding to various special orders.
Full lineup of special screws here

As well, NBK handles everything from requests from semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturers through product development and standardization.

Request example (1): Screws with seizing prevention which will not contaminate a vacuum chamber
Special Surface Hardened Screws

Galling and seizing are prevented by curing the screw surface.
Unlike plating or coating, there is nothing adhering to the surface, eliminating concerns about contamination due to stripping when tightening.

Request example (2): Screws with higher strength than resin which will not corrode due to cleaning agents
Tantalum hex socket head cap screws

Tantalum is a material characterized by excellent chemical resistance.
With excellent corrosion resistance to strong acids such as sulfuric acid, it is also resistant to aqua regia.

Slotted pan head screws made of silicon carbide

Slotted pan head screws made of silicon carbide.
Heat resistance and chemical resistance are excellent.

Request example (3): Screws with higher corrosion resistance than Hastelloy*2
MAT21*1Hex Socket Head Cap Screws

MAT21 demonstrates excellent corrosion resistance in both oxidizing and reducing environments.
In a wide range of corrosive environments, it demonstrates better corrosion resistance than Hastelloy*2 C-22 and C-276.
*1:MAT and MAT21 are registered trademarks of Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
*2:Hastelloy is a registered trademark of Haynes International, Inc.

The above are examples.
We also propose difficult-to-machine materials, surface treatments, etc. in accordance with customers' issues.
Please feel free to contact us when the standard products do not meet your needs.
Special Product Examples:

Hastelloy B-2
Special Product Problem Solution Examples using Special Material Screws here
Hastelloy B-2 is also introduced in detail.

Problem Solution Examples by Semiconductor Manufacturing Process

Problem solution examples are introduced by semiconductor manufacturing process.
Pre-process here
Post-process here

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