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What are Hex Socket Head Cap Screws (cap bolts)?

What are Hex Socket Head Cap Screws (cap bolts)?

Hex Socket Head Cap Screws are bolts (screws) with hexagon-shaped holes in their heads.
They are also called cap bolts, cap screws, or caps.
Because they are tightened by inserting a hex wrench into the hex socket and applying force to all its sides, they are less likely to loosen and can be tightened with high strength.
As well, less space is required than when working with screwdrivers or wrenches, so work is possible in narrow places.

Usage and applications of Hex Socket Head Cap Screws

Work in narrow spaces and high-strength tightening is enabled by using Hex Socket Head Cap Screws with hex wrenches.
They are used in a wide range of contexts including equipment, machinery, vehicles and so on.

Mounting to equipment

For narrow spaces where wrenches may not fit

For fixing to loading platforms

Recommended Hex Socket Head Cap Screw products

NBK offers a variety of unique Hex Socket Head Cap Screws.
You'll find particularly recommended products introduced as well.

Hex Socket Head Cap Screws

・Hex socket head cap screws regulated by JIS standards.

SNSS(Made of Stainless Steel)

Hex Socket Head Cap Screws with Special Low Profile

・Head heights are 1.5 mm or less.
・Used for space-saving of equipment/devices and applications with limited overhead space.

SSH(Made of Steel・Ferrosoferric Oxide Coating)
SSH-EL(Made of Steel・Electroless Nickel Plating)
SSHS(Made of Stainless Steel)

Hex Socket Head Cap Screws with Small Head

・Hex Socket Head Cap Screw with small head diameter. Able to reduce spot facing diameters.

SNS-SD(Made of Steel・Ferrosoferric Oxide Coating)
SNS-SD-EL(Made of Steel・Electroless Nickel Plating)
SNSS-SD(Made of Stainless Steel)

Hex Socket Head Cap Captive Screws

・Thread parts are provided with relief cut, preventing fallout or loss.
・Used for securing protective and inspection covers that are frequently mounted and removed.

SSC(Made of Stainless Steel)

Screws with Ventilation Holes

・The ventilation hole easily releases gas trapped in the screw holes of equipment and machines, and supports vacuum drawing of vacuum devices.
・SSVS-PC has improved surface roughness through special chemical polishing. Outgas quantity is extremely low, making it ideal for use in medium vacuum environments.

SVSS(Made of Stainless Steel)
SVSS-PC(Made of Stainless Steel・Chemical Polish)


Hex Socket Head Cap Screws with Captive Washers

・Plain washers and spring washers are integrated into the screws, preventing concerns about fallout issues.
・When using a washer in spot facing, workability is improved because the bolt and washer can be mounted and removed at the same time.

SNSQS(Made of Stainless Steel I=3)
SVSI1S(With Ventilation Holes)
SNSI3T(Made of Titanium I=3)

Supports special products

Screw diameter M3, screw length 10mm, material XX, black oxide treatment, and so on:
NBK provides a diverse range of customization according to the customer's request.
Feel free to contact our customer service.

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