Date Published:Sep. 08. 2017

Description of Knobs for Engineers

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What are knobs?

Knobs are mechanical components which allow efficient tightening and loosening of screws.
Their best feature is that they are usable without tools.

Advantages of Using Knobs

Higher Work Efficiency Without Tools

The use of knobs increases work efficiency, since tools such as the wrenches and spanners used on screws are no longer required.
Efficient in places where screws are frequently handled, such as equipment changeover.

Knob Application Examples

Position Adjustment with Frequent Mounting/Removing

Types and Features of Knobs

An abundant lineup available from standard to unique products.
NBK will recommend knobs to meet your particular requirements.

Material Types

Various types of knob materials are available, including steel, stainless steel, and plastic.
We also offer soft-touch EPDM.

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Screw Types

The two basic screw types are male and female, but the reamed-hole type is also available as standard.

Function Types

As well as standard knobs, NBK also offers knobs with unique functions as an option.

Super Knobs

Just insert a bolt/nut to complete the knob.
Any commercially available hex head bolt and type-three hex nut can be used regardless of the manufacturer and material.


Prevents fall-off and loss of the knob.
>>For CE Marking compatibility.

Captive Dimple Knobs

Product Finder

Our convenient "Product Finder" enables rapid searching for your desired products.

Additional Service

To make NBK products compatible with a wider range of applications, various additional standard modifications are available.
Orders of one piece or more can be processed for quick delivery.

Laser Engraving

Various marks and letters are laser-engraved on Knobs. This is a service to make the NBK products even easier to use in terms of functionality by engraving marks such as OPEN, CLOSE, and arrows.

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Length Adjustment

Screws can be cut to your desired length in 1mm increments.

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Screw Combination

We can fix the female-threaded knob and screw with pins after we adhere them with anaerobic adhesive.

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Cleanroom Services

We can wash and pack your products in a cleanroom. This is suggested for products used in FPD production devices, semiconductor manufacturing devices, medical equipment, food and beverage machinery and even products that will be used in cleanrooms.

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Special Products

Come to us for production of non-standard knobs as well, including special shapes and colors.

Description of Mechanical Components for Engineers

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