Screw Length Adjustment Service

Service description

  • We cut screws in 1 mm to your desired length.
  • Specify the processing length in units of 1 mm.
  • After processing a screw that had surface treatment, the screw tip is coated with lacquer.
  • The minimum screw length is the thread diameter plus 2 mm.(Example: For M8, the minimum screw length is 10 mm.)
  • The screw tip is a flat tip.

Example: To cut LECMS-4-10-YW screws by 4 mm.

Target product

  • Available / Additional charge is displayed at the end of each product page for the target product.
  • Applicable Screw Threads: M2-M12.

Part number specification

  • Please specify the product part number to do screw cutting and processing length (in 1 mm).