• Performance Guidelines

Performance Guidelines

NBK designs and manufactures a broad range of products for general industry applications. Because every application cannot be anticipated, users must test potential product solutions under the actual application conditions and environment to determine the suitability of the product for the purpose and function intended by the user and to assure desired performance.

NBK Performance and Application Guidelines are supplied as general guides only, as conditions vary with each application and installation method. Strength data given is for failure of the product or where sufficient deformation occurs to make the product inoperable. No safety factor has been applied. Product strength and cycle life data presented are developed from products tested at ambient temperature, unless otherwise specified. Flammability ratings presented are for material properties only and are not specific to the dimensions or performance of the actual product, unless otherwise specified. Temperature ranges presented as Material Temperature Range are for material properties only. Dimensions are furnished for the sole purpose of enabling the user to determine envelope sizes and to install the product properly. NBK MAKES NO WARRANTIES OR REPRESENTATIONS WITH RESPECT TO ERRORS OR OMISSIONS THAT MAY BE CONTAINED WITHIN SUCH INFORMATION, THE ACCURACY OF SUCH INFORMATION, OR OTHERWISE. THE RISK OF USE OF SUCH INFORMATION IS SOLELY UPON THE USER.

NBK products are subject to changes at any time in design, dimensions, specifications, material and/or finish without notice. You should confirm the current product characteristics before making a selection. For performance guidelines for each NBK product, contact your local NBK customer service and technical support center or email us at info@ nbk1560.com.

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