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Restriction on Export of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Conventional Weapons

We have established and implemented a fundamental policy regarding Security Export Control, to comply with applicable export control laws and regulations in the United States of America. We are committed to follow this policy. We respectfully request our valued customers' understanding and cooperation for the following.
We request you to agree that no NBK products are used or sold to any user in the countries to which weapons exports are banned by United Nations or to users listed on User Lists published by Ministry of Commerce in the United States of America.
Also, we request you to ensure that no NBK products are used or sold, through any channels, for use in the design, development, production, utilization, maintenance or operation of, or otherwise contribution to Weapons of Mass Destruction (nuclear, chemical or biological weapons or missiles), Conventional Weapons, or items specially designed for them.

If you agree to our Privacy Policy and Restriction on Export of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Conventional Weapons, click [Agree] below and then [Send Inquiry].

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