Date Published:Jan. 15. 2015

Higher torque and Lower price.

4 features of XH series.
Compare it with conventional product.

1. Transmission torque has improved by 1.5 times.

  • The number of disk fixing bolts on one side, which was two for conventional XB series products, has been changed to three for XH series products.
    The increased disk fixing power has enhanced transmission torque by 1.5 times.

  • XH series is the successor to XB series.
  • Total length / outside diameter, and max. bore diameter are the same as XBW.
  • Aff ordable price compared with identical sizes of XB series products.

2. Compact and Lower Cost

  • Downsizing and cost reduction of couplings can be achieved by selecting XH series when servomotors' instantaneous maximum torque improve by 350%.

3. Expansion of Standard Bore Diameter

  • Standardized shaft hole diameter that is not available in the XB series.
    ( are standard shaft hole diameters only for the XH series, in contrast with the XB series. )

4. Standardization of Long Type XHW-L

  • If the coupling cannot reach the shaft when connecting an electric actuator and a motor, usually a special product with its total length elongated is used. However, in XH series, long type XHW-L has been standardized.
  • With its improved torque transmission capability, XH series will enable downsizing from conventional products. If XHW does not provide suffi cient total length, use long type XHW-L instead.

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