Stainless Steel


About stainless steel

Stainless steel refers to alloy steel containing chrome (Cr) and nickel (Ni) in addition to the 6 iron elements whose Cr content is approximately above 11%. Basically stainless steel should be Fe-Cr alloy containing Cr for about 11% and Ni, Mo, Cu, Al and/or Si, etc. are added to improve corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, processing properties and other properties.
As the primary raw materials are Cr and Ni, they are classified into 2 major categories: Cr and Cr-Ni. They are also classified into categories of martensitic, ferrite and austenitic in terms of metal composition. Also, there are other stainless steel materials such as austenitic/ferrite stainless steel and precipitationhardened stainless steel, etc.

● Stainless steel categories

● Effects of each element on performance

Types and features of stainless steel

Chemical components and mechanical properties of various stainless steel materials

● Austenitic

● Ferrite

● Martensitic

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