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SKSuper Knob寸法図




Unit : mm

Part Number D M(coarse) H s d1 d Bd b L1 max. Mass
Color Price
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SK-34-WH 35.2 M6 16.5 3.2 15.2 16 14 10 4 5 WH 1.11 CAD Cart
SK-34-YW 35.2 M6 16.5 3.2 15.2 16 14 10 4 5 YW 1.11 CAD Cart
SK-38-WH 39.6 M8 19 4.5 18.2 20 15 13 5.5 10 WH 1.24 CAD Cart
SK-38-YW 39.6 M8 19 4.5 18.2 20 15 13 5.5 10 YW 1.24 CAD Cart
SK-43-WH 45 M10 23.2 6 21.8 24 18 17 7 15 WH 1.60 CAD Cart
SK-43-YW 45 M10 23.2 6 21.8 24 18 17 7 15 YW 1.60 CAD Cart
SK-53-WH 53 M12 22.3 4 24.8 27 14 19 8 20 WH 2.44 CAD Cart
SK-53-YW 53 M12 22.3 4 24.8 27 14 19 8 20 YW 2.44 CAD Cart

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Hints for Correctly Using NBK Products


knob Nylon 6 (Black)
Cap Nylon 6 (Various Color)


  • Any commercially available hexagon head bolt and type-three hexagon nut can be used regardless of manufacturers and materials. You can make a knob easily by just inserting them.
  • Especially for hexagon head bolts, any thread length can be selected.
  • There are two types: triangular knob SS and pentagon knob SK.
  • Two cap colors are white and yellow. They can be selected by the end symbol of the part number.
End Symbol Cap color
YW Yellow
WH White

Precautions for Use

The height of hex head screws and hex nuts should not exceed L1 max.
It may not be possible to attach a cap.

Assembing method

  1. Fit the hex bolt or hex nut securely into the knob body hex socket.
  2. Next, fit the cap. Fit in one of the three hooks.
  3. Push in the remaining two hooks to finish the process.

For female screw knobs, pay attention to the male screw tightening dimensions (Bd dimension of the drawing). The cap may come off.

Notice of material change

To maintain stable supply, nylon 66 materials will be changed to nylon 6 sequentially from July 2021, as the stock runs out.
The material change will not affect the function of the products.
For details, refer to

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