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Metal Super Knob Dedicated Jig


Dimension Drawing

KSKA-WMetal Super Knob Dedicated Jigs寸法図


Unit : mm

Part Number L Applicable Screw Length
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KSKA-3240W-S 32 45 59.39 CAD Cart
KSKA-3240W-L 52 65 65.05 CAD Cart

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Knob Side Polyacetal (White)
Hub Side SUS304
Magnet Neodymium


  • Male screw knobs can be created through combination with commercial hex socket bolts. Screw length is freely selectable depending on the hex socket bolt used.
  • Knobs and hubs are metal. Suitable for applications in equipment and devices using metal detectors as foreign matter entry countermeasures. *1

*1: Confirm that the metal detector reacts to aluminum alloys and stainless steel.

  • Use the dedicated jig KSKA-W for assembly. The jig is made of resin and will not damage the knob body.
  • We also manufacture male screw knob products assembled with hex socket bolts. Please contact our customer service.

Precautions for Use

  • Do not use the knob as a way to pick up workpieces. The knob and hub may come apart.

  • After use, carefully wipe away any moisture or dirt. If moisture or dirt containing sodium remains on the knob, it may cause corrosion.

Assembing method

KSKA-WMetal Super Knob Dedicated Jigs

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KSKA-WMetal Super Knob Dedicated Jigs

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