Date Published:Dec. 26. 2023

The Semiconductor Industry and NBK's Initiatives

High-quality and functionally superior products are sought after in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, addressing challenges like SEMI standard compliance and issues related to vacuum and corrosive environments.

NBK focuses on creating and selling solutions for the unique challenges in semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Our products, including customized options, are adopted by semiconductor equipment manufacturers globally.

NBK, with extensive experience and problem-solving expertise,
will solve your challenges!

Introduction of Case Studies in Problem Solving

Internal Components

Explore case studies solving challenges with insulation and also vacuum and high temperature environments!
Many successful implementations within vacuum chambers.

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Cleaning equipment

Opt for chemical-resistantant screws for equipment exposed to wafer cleaning solutions.

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Etching equipment

Opt for heat and chemical-resistantant screws for high-temperature, gas, and solution environments.

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Physical inspection equipment

Using non-magnetic components can enhance precision.

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Dicing machinery

Explore parts offering enhanced cycle time and accuracy.

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Wire bonder

Anti-loosening screws and screws for use in lightweight equipment.

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Explore parts for high-gain in servo motors and screws for use in lightweight equipment.

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Special Screws list here

Issue Solutions and Case Studies for semiconductor manufacturing by environment

For corrosion resistance in equipment using process gases
and wafer cleaning agents

Process gases (a special kind of gas) and cleaning agents (for removing impurities) are often used in semiconductor manufacturing processes.
Introducing chemical resistant screws essential for etching equipment and coating equipment using plasma gases as well as cleaning equipment and CMP equipment using cleaning agents!

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For magnetism countermeasures
in equipment using electron beams and ions

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment includes equipment using electron beams and ions.
Introducing non-magnetic screws and tools which have no magnetic effects on electron beams and ions in scanning electron microscopes, ion implantation equipment, and so on!

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For parts which can be used even
in vacuum environments

Vacuum technology is used widely in semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
Supporting vacuuming in equipment using plasma gas and electron beams. Introducing vacuum screws, low outgas couplings, and more!

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Heat resistance and anti-loosening
in thermal cycling environments

Here we discuss thermal cycling, which is often an issue in semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
Various products are available to handle issues like heat resistance and seizing prevention.

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For part fall-out countermeasures

Are you struggling with screw or washer fall-out during equipment assembly or maintenance?
Introducing parts that can be used to prevent part fall-out!

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For increased throughput

Here we introduce products that help improve conveying speed, downsize equipment, and reduce maintenance time in order to increase throughput.

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Special Screws list here

Example of screws used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment

NBK offers diverse customization; we manufacture screws ideal for each customer's requirement, from 1 piece on up.

Customization case studies here

Customization case studies

Chemical Resistance Screws

Screws which can be used in environments exposed to cleaning agents and plasma gas are available.

Vacuum Application Screws

Supporting vacuuming with screws with ventilation holes for use in vacuum chambers, etc.

Special Screws list

Here we introduce NBK Special Screws.
Customization case studies and basic screw explanation pages are also available.

Low Outgas

Our lineup includes products with low outgas in vacuum environments.


Our lineup includes products with cleanroom washing and packing, enabling immediate use in cleanrooms and similar environments.

High Strength

The use of high-strength screws makes it possible to save space and reduce weight with smaller screw diameters and reduced usage quantities.

Heat Resistance

We offer screws made of materials able to withstand high-temperature environments, such as pure molybdenum, tungsten, and ceramic.


Our lineup includes non-magnetic products such as titanium tools and phosphor bronze screws.

Anti-Galling (Anti-Seize)

Screws with seizing prevention are available to prevent the seizing prone to occur in cleanroom environments.

Introducing related articles

Semiconductor Industry Trends and NBK's Actions

Here we introduce NBK's actions based on semiconductor industry trends, such as carbon neutrality, the 5G network, the increase in data centers, the shift to intelligent factories, the increase in semiconductors installed in automobiles, and so on.

About SEMI Standards

Explains the SEMI standard.
NBK has SEMI standard compliant products, that can be selected according to the application.

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