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Wired Positioning Units - Modbus Compliant

Available Area

Can be sold/shipped to the US, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan


  • The built-in motor rotates the feed screw, grasping the current position via the encoder and stopping at the target position. Positioning is automated with the feed screw.

EPU-210Wired Positioning Units - Modbus Compliant

  • Because direct connection to hosts such as PCs and PLCs is possible for control, a dedicated transceiver is not required.*1

*1: When using a PC for control, the dedicated software MOD-COM is required. The dedicated software is available free of charge. Please download from the NBK website. (https://www.nbk1560.com/products/mechatronics/positioning_unit/download/mod-com/) Based on the dedicated software functions, a maximum of 1,000 types of setups can be registered.

  • Setting is possible via button operation on the main body, enabling single-unit use without connection to a host. The 7-segment display enables confirmation of the current position and target position.

EPU-210Wired Positioning Units - Modbus Compliant

  • Batch control of up to 32 units is possible.*2

*2: When connecting multiple units, the use of the separately sold repeater hub EORP-200 (EORP-200) enables easy wired connection and reduces wiring work.

  • Mounting can be completed simply by replacing the installed operation handle with EPU-210. Compared with the use of a combined handle and indicator, it is thinner and more compact.

EPU-210Wired Positioning Units - Modbus Compliant

  • IP65 dust-proof and waterproof structure. It can be used safely even in environments where it may be exposed to dust or water.
  • The connection method is RS-485 (Modbus RTU).
  • Cable terminal specifications can be selected by the product code. When using the repeater hub EORP-200 (EORP-200), select the connector type.
    EPU-210-A----Loose wiring

EPU-210Wired Positioning Units - Modbus Compliant

Dimension Drawing

EPU-210Wired Positioning Units - Modbus Compliant寸法図


Part Number Mass
Add to Cart
EPU-210-A-BL 301 668.96 CAD Cart
EPU-210-B-BL 335 724.90 CAD Cart


EPU-210-A-BL EPU-210-B-BL
Main Body Nylon 6 (Blue) Nylon 6 (Blue)
Output Shaft SUS304 SUS304
Cable Clamp Brass
Nickel Plating
Nickel Plating
Power/Signal Cable Oil Resistant PVC
(Matte Black)
Oil Resistant PVC
(Matte Black)
Connector Zinc Alloy
Nickel Plating
Hex Socket Set Screw SUSXM7 SUSXM7

Does not contain any of the 10 chemicals restricted under the RoHS Directives.


Power Source Voltage 24 VDC ± 10%
Waiting 30 mA
Rated 0.6 A
Max. 1 A
Rated Output 5 W
Rated Rotational Frequency 60 ±10 rpm
Rated Torque 0.8 N・m
Continually Usable Time 1 Minute or Less*1
Output Shaft
Max. Allowable Load
Radial Load 19.6 N*2
Thrust Load 19.6 N*2
Output Shaft Retention Torque 0.7 N・m*3
Stop Accuracy ± 5°
Input Wired
RS-485 (Modbus RTU)
IP Protection Class IP65
Temperature -5°C to 50°C (no freezing)
Humidity 20% RH to 85% RH (no condensation)
Pollution Degree 3
Altitude 2000 m or Less Above Sea Level

*1: Let cool for 10 minutes or so after continuous use.
*2: Output shaft max. allowable load

EPU-210Wired Positioning Units - Modbus Compliant

*3: Values are for reference only. They are not guaranteed values.

Precautions for Use

  • For details on the mounting and setting methods, please refer to the Instruction Manual. Be sure to read the "Safety Precautions" and "Precautions on EMC" in the Instruction Manual before use.
    The Instruction Manual can be downloaded from the NBK website.
  • Countries and regions where this product is available are Japan, the US, Canada, Mexico, China, Taiwan, and South Korea.
    When used in combination with other products or with the customer's existing systems, equipment, etc., confirm independently that it is compliant with the standards, laws, and/or regulations of the country of use.

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EPU-210Wired Positioning Units - Modbus Compliant

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EPU-210Wired Positioning Units - Modbus Compliant

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EPU-210Wired Positioning Units - Modbus Compliant

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EPU-210Wired Positioning Units - Modbus Compliant

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